Potential Benefits and Costs of Biofuels

by - Mei 14, 2009

Since global warming issue becomes very popular recently, fossil fuel is assumed as one of pollutions contributor. Therefore, many people searched for alternative energy sources. Biofuel is one of alternative energy obtained from biological material, which is using plants such as corn, soy, wheat, and another crops to produce it.

Many people assumed that biofuel is the right solution as an alternative energy sources. Biofuel is cheaper to produce, renewable, and emits 80-100% less CO2 than fossil fuel, so it also decrease amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Biofuel also makes waste reduction and reduced air pollution emissions. For economic sector, the benefits of biofuel is to create more balance of trade, agricultural sector income, and offer the prospect of increased market competition and oil price moderation.

But every benefits also have a costs. People started to seek the hidden costs of producing biofuel. They found that to make biofuel, people had to cut down trees (which is makes deforestation happened everywhere) to plant crops. Another way to destroy forest is by burned it all. It’s totally wrong action to do such a thing, because smokes and heats from burning forest emits more and more greenhouse gasses, and it makes global warming becomes worst than before.

The other costs is biofuel production increase crops prices. Corn, soy, and another crops become more expensive in some countries in the world, and it causes starvation for many people. Biofuel production has create a global food crisis.

It is obvious that biofuel has many benefits in every sector. Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the bad impact it causes to the environment and people welfare. So maybe we still have to find another energy sources to overcome the crisis of energy.

(This article is my writing for preparation essay of senior high school english practical exam, 2009)

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