by - November 07, 2012

Hello, sorry for skip the October post. It's not that I didn't have something to write, I just too lazy to find a time to made it.

Well, I guess maybe you wondering why I came up with 'Changes' as a title. So it happen that I am now a 4th grade college-student and there are so many things change around me. Those changes give me a quite awkward semester and force me to change my paradigm about many things. So let me tell you about the changes one by one.

First, a loss-power syndrome. Did you people ever heard about 'loss-power syndrome'?  Something that comes up when in all of sudden you stop being busy and then you start wondering: why don't I have something to be taken care of? (Well, at least that's my definition about it. Most people may interpretate it in other way.) This is the most influential change I experienced. 

No offense, but I actually get used to be busy all the time. Academic, organization, family, and friends thingies may came up in the same month. Or maybe in the same day. Or even in the same time. And now I have to get used to this jobless feeling? Like hell I will. I really can't stand it, you know. I need to find activity to get rid this feeling.

Second, a veil. I finally decided to wear it in my everyday life after postpone the willing for how long, 3 years? I actually not a religious person or something. It just happened that I want to wear it and somehow I felt there was something missing when I went outside without it. So I thought, well maybe this is the right time to change! And I did it. Yet there are so many things I need to learn, I don't want it to be just a cloth to close my hair. 

Third, the urgency of academic things. It seems everyone already has a topic for their final assignment while I still try to find some enlightenment. Well, I do have a few topic to be submitted, I just a little bit afraid. Some stupid fear that come up when you feel you are not that ready but you don't have another choice: you need to be ready. 

The last thing is a boyfriend. I rarely post about my love life, for me it's something I'm not supposed to write here. Eitherwise this blog will be my  love-life-dairy. But you know, sometimes you just want to mention him once. At least just to let him know - if somehow he read this - that I want to thank you for the happiness he gave me everyday. In accordance to the 'changes' as a topic, well, he is the best change that happen in my life recently :)

All in all, although change maybe tough, we need to face it. Like someone said, 'There is nothing last but changes'. So let's stop whining and start to see changes objectively. Because we are the one who need to adapt with it.

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