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By Anissa Ratna Putri - Juli 01, 2013

Namba Parks, Japan
Once I mentioned here that I actually have a big interest in architecture and interrior design. Maybe you can call it old-passion? I don't know. Does passion really have an expire date?

Anyway, architecture has always been my obsession since I was in elementary school. I was obsessed making my own house back then. I drew houses, I collected interrior magazines, I even bought a thick book about architectural history. Yet I chose not to pick Architecture as my major in college. Don't misunderstand me, I don't regret my choice to take major in Environmental Engineering. I just wish I could have both of them as my undergraduate programs.

I've always want to learn so many things about environment, yet I don't know where its lead me. I don't know what kind of job I would like to take as an environmental engineer. I can say: I want to be a consultant. Truth is, I don't even have any idea what kind of work I will face as a consultant. I can say: I want to be a researcher or a lecturer. Well, because such job probably increase my chance to travel and meet people from all over the world. Not because I like to do research or ngelab or such.

Meanwhile, I love everything about design, color, proportion. I love to arrange things, build things, make things more comfortable for people. Unfortunately, my spatial ability is below average. And my physics is sucks. Have you ever love something and somehow you just bad at it? It is what happen to me and what you call "Fisika Bangunan". Torsi and its friends. I love them! Why don't they love me back? :(

Well actually I wrote about these two because I, somehow, feel like I don't want to give up my childhood dream - but I still want to use my environmental knowledge too. So I would like to combine these two into something known as sustainable architecture or maybe some people know it as green building.

As it happening all over the world, green building can be considered as an effort to create a comfortable living place for people by providing a well-designed building and reducing carbon emission and pollution. And Indonesia, as a developed country with poorly-maintaned-building everywhere, surely needs more green building on its cities. Don't judge me, I love trees and parks, but that doesn't mean build something is a sin, doesn't it?

My boyfriend and my best friend are currently working on their final project related to green building, so it's really a great opportunity for me to gain more and more knowledge about something I desire. Anyway, I can't promise you I surely will take this issue as my future career field. Speaking about passion and desires, they can always change. And this architectural desire can be a true passion or can be something I just curious to learn. You'll never know until you try.

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