Sajdah (Sujud)

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Agustus 14, 2013

I am not a very religious person - I learned about my religion, but I don't know that much. I simply believe that there is a greater power than human out there, someone who created us and gave us opportunity to live. By learning Islam I know that power is "Allah" and He command us, human, to do prayer 5 times a day which we called "shalat".  Sajdah is one of the position in shalat which actually I didn't really pay attention to its benefits until I had a headache.

I've been working on my thesis on this Idul Fitri holiday - which does not feel like one. Working on my thesis at home is actually much more frustrating than working at my dorm house since I had to balance my thesis-working-time with family-time and housework-time. Trust me, it doesn't feel as simple as it might sounds. Despite any other form of happiness my family gaves me, spending a week at home actually has led me to have a cummulative stressful mind. I can feel like there are some blocking parts in my head, which makes my head feels extremely heavy. Moreover, I had my period during this holiday, so my head feels more.and more heavy.

Today, I start praying after off for a week and I feel something different when I do sajdah. It feels so relaxing, like you finally get some air after being locked up in an air-vacuum-room. I can feel blocking parts in my head are slowly gone. Logically, I think it because bloods are flowing to my head while I do sajdah. And then I got the scientific explanation about it.

When people do sajdah, our brain becomes lower than the heart, which makes blood gushes towards the brain with full forces. This phenomenon is actually cannot be happen in any other position except sajdah. Even when lying, our brain is in a higher position than the heart, which is actually a position where the heart has to work against the gravity to pump bloods to our brain.

Based on what I read here, more blood supply to our brain will help us increase our cognitive abilities which related to our memory, vision, hearing, concentration, and psyche. Doing sajdah regularly also will give us less headache and less psychological problems. There are several other benefits of sajdah, should you want to learn more about it do not hesitate to open the link.

My concern here is not to tell people who read this to do shalat or to encourage non-Islam people to learn about my religion. I simply want people to know that there is another way to solve your headache besides taking medicine - maybe it would not give a big or a direct effect, but at least if you try sajdah, your brain will get more blood supply which it might desperately need.

Yet, I only write or recite something I truly believe. And I have no doubt He command us to do sajdah 34 times a day for our own good.

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