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By Anissa Ratna Putri - April 05, 2014

I graduated less than a year ago and I only have a few working experience, which mostly are project-based. You can say I still lack of experience to define my working personality. Yet, personality test always curious me. This image above shows my result on working-type-personality-test from good.co. I took a few similiar test from different website and I think these three characters are the most suitable and the most representative of all. Here, instead of copy-paste the details from personality test result, I want to share you what I think about my working personality.

First thing first.
People say (most of) women can do multitasking, and I used to think that I am one of them. Then I realize that, actually, I am not. When I have so many things to work on, I don't do all of them at once. I always make a to-do list first and I will do the task one after another, in an arranged order. Interruption to my to-do list is a nightmare. Panick will strikes first, yet I will manage to respond it calmly as I add the-new-interrupting-task to my to-do list. Sometimes, people will found me as this careless-and-flexible-person, and I did it on purpose: to prevent my mind from having unnecessary stress for being too strict and perfectionist.

Keep me busy and I'll work efficiently.
I am not a workaholic, but I found out that I work more efficient when I have more task to be done. When my task is slightly less than usual or less urgent, I'll found myself strolling around doing other things and prioritizing other non-compulsory tasks (which mostly I made by myself).

I love deadline, but I hate imperfection.
Though I work in a neatly-arranged-order, I do not (or rarely) working in a step-by-step-progress-type. I am more a deadliner because I feel more energized and productive for being one. Yet, as a perfectionist, in such a short time I still want to give my best above all. Yes, it's kinda irrational. I am one of those people who more likely to miss a deadline working on something "perfect" than to turn something I think is crappy on time. I am still working on to balance the speed and the quality of my work.

I like to work alone, but I don't like to feel lonely.
Our society believes that a good employee is the one who can work together with others in a team. A collaborative working, they said, will deliver ideas and innovation which help company to develop. Having read "Quiet" book, I realize that it is not completely true. Instead, ideas and innovation mostly derived from introverts who work alone, in pairs, or in a small group. And that's what I've been up to. I feel more efficient when I work alone, but please don't imagining me locking myself in a room and don't care about other things in this world. Instead, I like to work in a place where I could control my environment. Sometimes I just sitting in and being observer while working, sometimes I socialize with others even only for grab some chocolate and then go back to work. This is why I rarely feel lonely when I work alone in a cafe, because I already feel accompanied by people presence. Yet, I actually don't mind to work together with others. I love brainstorming, and I like to find out others point of view.

I prefer to stay behind the curtain, yet I will stand up if I want to.
I found out that I am more a planner than a doer. I can plan something very details, but when it comes to execution, I need others to assist me. When executing my work I also need a continue support, something that makes me feel I do this right and  I do this for something, not for nothing.

I speak what I think, what I feel, and what I believe. I don't waste my time speak up only to show off.
For extroverts, it maybe easy to speak up, even if they actually don't have any idea about what they talk about. It is different for me. I analyze everything before I decide to give my opinion. I remember the first time I spoke at my first year of college. I am this shaky-little-girl who tried to defend my candidate on U-green's president election. That day I decided to speak up because I believed in my candidate potential and I thought he is worth it to defend on. As years goes by, I learned how to manage my nerve and how to be more relax instead of shaking when giving my opinion. Today, I am not afraid to speak what's on my mind to others, yet I still learning to take initiative. One thing for sure, I'll always analyze everything first, so when I speak, I'll speak straight-forward to the point. 

Working for something I passionate about brings me happiness.
Yes, I am this sensitive-woman who will found in tears after successfully finish my work. I always try to give my all, which mostly comes because I love what I do. I find happiness when people can feel what I feel.  I find happiness when people understand what I trying to explain.  I find happiness when my work is used, applied, read, or anything. That happy feeling encourage me to learn more, do more, and give more. That's why when I work, I'm an idealist. I don't do work only for living - I do work because I love to do it.

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