Where to go in Golden Week: Koinobori Festival & Street Jazz Festival at Takatsuki, Osaka

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Mei 09, 2018

Last week was probably one of the most celebrated holiday in Japan: the Golden Week. Based on my experience from previous years, on Golden Week, street and places will be crowded - not to mention tourist attractions. Knowing there will be bunch of people coming to this touristy city, I keep my Golden Week slow and low, mostly had my time spent on part-time work or taking care of Rizky who is recovering from sick. However, even though I am trying my best not-to-be-touristy and going-with-the-GW-hype, I cannot stand to not visit one event that I have stalked from several months ago: Koinobori Festival (25 April - 5 May) and Street Jazz Festival (3-5 May) at Takatsuki, Osaka. Koinobori Festival is held in regard to Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi) which is celebrated on May 5th in Japan.

How to get there:
Destination: JR Takatsuki Station or Hankyu Takatsuki-shi Station
From Kyoto or Osaka, simply take JR or Hankyu train, and get off at the aforementioned station. Enjoy the station and surrounding for Street Jazz Festival (they have some listed venues). Take a 1,5-2km walk from the station to Akutagawasakurazutsumi Park for Koinobori Festival or take Bus No.23 from JR Station, if you want less walk.

As I arrived at Hankyu Takatsuki-shi Station, I was greeted by the sound of music playing at the station terrace. The Street Jazz Festival is here! I stopped by for a while, listening to a song they played. The Street Jazz Festival performance mostly started at 1 PM, but some venues started early at 11 AM. If you are a Jazz lover, I think it will be nice to hop around one venues to another while also having sightseeing of this off-beaten-track-city.

I chose to walk from the station to Akutagawasakurazutsumi Park where the Koinobori Festival was held. It was my first time in Takatsuki - I have always pass the city when riding train to Osaka, but never get off - so I was willing to see how the city looks like. Being in the middle of Kyoto and Osaka apparently makes Takatsuki a unique mix of both. The streets with restaurants line up reminds me of Osaka's streets behind Shinsaibashi or in Shinsekai area, while the houses reminds me of Kyoto, because they still have some old wooden houses around.

We arrived at the park late afternoon, yet it was still crowded with people. There were students, couples, grandpas and grandmas, but most of them were families - parents, watching their children playing around the park and the river. Akuta River that flows in the western side of the park is shallow and clean enough for children to play - some of them were creating pattern with rocks, some others were simply playing the water with their friends. I captured the moment while praying one day we can have such clean, beautiful, and safe in the middle of Indonesia's cities. 

Unfortunately, we had to go back before sunset to catch Ashar prayer in Kyoto. If only we had more time, I would love to spend more time sitting in the park while having my snacks - doing a small picnic while watching people and enjoying the nice weather. Anyway, it was a one fine day in Takatsuki, I would recommend anyone around Kyoto/Osaka to go visit this city in Golden Week, the crowd is much more manageable and you can sit back and relax enjoying your slow GW with your beloved one!


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