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By Anissa Ratna Putri - April 27, 2013

Last year I was Editor in Chief of Enviro magazine. It is a magazine about environmental engineering and environmental issues, made by Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan (HMTL) ITB. You can see my post about Enviro here: Enviro 9 Enviro 10 Enviro 11

When I was working as an Editor in Chief, some people - mostly ITB students - asked me how to create a good magazine and how to work as a team with an effective job description. I won't say I am the expert. But  I love to share something I passionately working on, so I always happy to meet people who want to know more about Enviro and and its management team. That's why in this post I would like to share you about my crew and what are their contribution to make Enviro 10 and 11 came true.

1. Editor in Chief
As Editor in Chief, we coordinate with stakeholders, make decision for several matters, and support the staff to achieve their target - mostly when the deadline is coming. If people ask, what is the secret to be a good Editor in Chief? It's simple - love and passion. I love working for Enviro, so I rarely feel exhausted when I create this magazine. I really want my crew to feel the same - I want them to enjoy and love what they do when they work for Enviro - so this atmosphere is something that I tried to develop every time we worked together. And I do have an amazing team, they work with their heart and they put their best for Enviro. 

2. Managing Editor (ME)
ME is responsible to monitor timeline and progress of Enviro editorial staff such as Reporter, Editor, and Layouter. ME also responsible to give an approval for Senior Editor's work - she ensure that the content and the format of the article suits with the standard that have already discussed before starting the magazine. 

3. Public Relation Manager (PR Manager)
PR Manager is the one who monitor timeline and progress related to finance, production, and distribution. She help Finance Manager and P&D Manager to coordinate with stakeholders, such as sponsors and printing service. She did research mostly about potential sponsors and opportunities to get some fund for the magazine.

4. Reporters
Reporters are responsible to collect article from contributors. They ensure that the contributors write an article in a way that we expected. They also responsible to cover the news, either it's from HMTL or from any other institution related to environment.

5. Senior Editor
Collaborate with ME, senior editor responsibles to edit an article from contributors and make sure the article is already written in the same format and in the same style of language. 

6. Layouters
These people are 'the creative mind' of Enviro. They are responsible to create a clean, simple, yet colorful layout which would make our readers comfortable when they read Enviro. They also crafting ideas about how to present Enviro's content in a way that interesting to be read. 

7. Finance Manager 
Finance Manager did everything to obtain fund for production of Enviro. She tirelessly call sponsors, coordinate with FTSL and LK, and she even did a fund rising! Helped by PR Manager, she also did research about what kind of sponsorship system that Enviro should have. 

8. Production and Distribution (P and D)
P and D responsible to do research about a good and cheap printing service in Bandung. They ensure that Enviro will be printed flawlessly, so we can distribute it with proud. Also, P and D coordinate the distribution of Enviro, to make sure Enviro arrived in places we already planned before.

9. Photographer
The last job description is photographer. Photographer in Enviro responsible to ensure that photography pages are filled, and to ensure that we would have a nice and interesting cover page. They also responsible to take photos of contributors and Enviro crews.

And this is my amazing team, Enviro crew 2012-2013. Thank you for your hardwork! Love you to the moon and back :)

(left-right) Senior Editor//Aldila Maretta | Managing Editor//Lydia Utami | PR Manager//Andi Ulya W | P and D Manager//Aldia Faulinasari | Editor in Chief//Anissa Ratna Putri | Layout Director//Amiranti Sarah Maudita | Finance Manager//Martina Solya | Photographer//Daril Andrean Davinsa | Reporter Director//Astryd Viandila


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