College Years

By Anissa Ratna Putri - November 17, 2013

Looking back 4 years ago, being ITB student is one of my biggest dream. You can tell by reading my older blog post here, here, and here. I was struggling to enter FTSL - Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I failed twice, yet finally God gave me another chance, another way, to become a part of "Putra-Putri Terbaik Bangsa". Four years and two months later, I graduated from ITB with title Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. Time flies.

My first year was fun, I met lots of new friends. My very first acquitance was Achan - Annisa Satwika Lestari. We met at Sabuga when we registered. Then I met Alyssa, Heni, Jessica, and Dini, when we had our campus tour. Meawhile from PROKM I also met some other new friends - I can't remember all of them, but I still keep in touch with Putri and Gunadi, both from FSRD.

Starting my new class, I met my very first home at ITB: Kimdas 24. They are kind of people who can make you laugh anytime anywhere. They copied my notes everytime we face exam. They taught me how to solve calculus when I stuck learning by myself. They brought me to watch movies together. They held a barbeque party and sleepover at Gladys'. They will always gathered when I arranged 'Buka Puasa Bareng', even when they were busy. Thank you, Kimdas 24, for giving my first college year happy time and for always being there and smile at me when we met.

My second home is U-green. I learn a lot from here. I met new friends that will cheer you up when you had a bad day. I met people who have a same vision as I am - to make this earth a better place to live. Or at least, to keep this earth as an appropriate living place. I met Zaid, Ketua Angkatan 2009, someone who you can always count on anytime anywhere. I met Kak Naya and Kak Mahdi, who inspire me to learn more and more about climate change and energy. I met Kak Sano, someone who have a big dream and does not hesitate to pursue it. Thank you, U-green, for being my place to learn and share, for guiding me in every upside down and for always having me as a family.

My second year was not that fun but luckily I had some new family that help me went through. I met Swargalokanata, HMTL ITB, and PSTK. First I want to thank PSTK for giving me chances to dance, eventhough I do know my dance is not that good. And also for always greet me with smile and even give me a graduation present, I was so surprised :')

As for HMTL ITB who always keeps me busy day and night, thank you for giving me a chance to become Editor in Chief of your magazine - ENVIRO. I had never been working on something so passionately before I am working on ENVIRO. Thank you, it was such a great time working as HMTL crew. May you grow better and better each year.

Swargalokanata, I could make a special post only to write about you. I am not an extrovert person and I had a different sense of humor with most people - it's hard to make me laugh. But with all of you, I can laugh for every stupid jokes you made. Even only for a stupid new phrase you use, or even for your stupid expression. Each of you has uniqueness and I am grateful that I met you all. I never regret to become a part of you. I hope we can meet again together one day, telling stories about our new life. Yet whatever will happen in my life, you will always be my home.

My third year is a year where I saw reality, I do travel, and I learn a lot. I want to thank Vico Indonesia and its crew for being my home for a month back then when I had my internship. I miss Badak, Mess Hall, and Bebek Rica! Also thank you to my internship friends - Anggi, Tifany, Sabi, Meska, Yudha, Jones, Adek, Ricky, and his friend - sorry I forget your name :p

And finally, my final year. For helping me survive, I want to thank Prof. Enri Damanhuri, who guides me through my thesis, who patiently taught me every details I needed. Thank you for being so angelic, even until now. Also, thank you Solid and Hazardous Waste Laboratory a.k.a Lab B3 and its crew, you are always fun to be working with, also very helpful and nice, I could not be more grateful for having you as my place to work on my thesis. And thank you, Reta & Baskoro, for being a supportive thesis friends, for being working partner until now. Also for Mbak Titi, Pak Yono, Bu Sri, and all administration crew. I could not make it without you all.

Last but not least, special for people who being my very best friend in college, thank you for your time, your support, your love, your hug and your smile. I love you to the moon and back: Alyssa, Tyagita, Diandra, Meutia, Tiasani, Dito.

Time flies - people are move on. They move from Bandung, back to their hometown while waiting for their next chapter of life. I am getting lonely here - though I think I am in the right track now. So long college memories, I'll miss you :') :')


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