Kyoto in White

Most of my imagination of snow is formed based on Hollywood movies, thus a modern city with white flakes are what's in my mind that time. But here in Kyoto, a classic traditional Japanese city blend in such magnificent way with the beauty of the snow. It was freezingly cold, yes. Feels like -13 C. Yet I almost cried when I see the beauty of Kifune Shrine at night. If only I didn’t have to catch the bus, I would like to stay in one of the restaurant around, having a hot soba while enjoying the view.

In the morning, it’s even better. The road that leads to Ginkaku-ji all covered in white. I also went to Kamo River, since Rizky mentioned it will be quite a view. But I cannot say I like Kamo River at winter. It feels so distant, unlike Kamo River that I usually enjoy.

Tonight, snow will pour again in Kyoto. Will tomorrow Kyoto covered in white again?

Thank you to Mas Wahyu Iskandar and Rika Fajrini for taking photos of me.