Kyoto in White

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Januari 23, 2017

Most of my imagination of snow is formed based on Hollywood movies, thus a modern city with white flakes are what's in my mind that time. But here in Kyoto, a classic traditional Japanese city blend in such magnificent way with the beauty of the snow. It was freezingly cold, yes. Feels like -13 C. Yet I almost cried when I see the beauty of Kifune Shrine at night. If only I didn’t have to catch the bus, I would like to stay in one of the restaurant around, having a hot soba while enjoying the view.

In the morning, it’s even better. The road that leads to Ginkaku-ji all covered in white. I also went to Kamo River, since Rizky mentioned it will be quite a view. But I cannot say I like Kamo River in winter. It feels so distant, unlike Kamo River that I usually enjoy.

Tonight, snow will pour again in Kyoto. Will tomorrow Kyoto covered in white again?

From freezing Kyoto,

Thank you to Mas Wahyu Iskandar and Rika Fajrini for taking photos of me.

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