How to Take Care of Yourself

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Januari 27, 2017

It's winter now in Japan. At the same time, it is a time for most students here facing exams: either a final exam of this semester courses or final exam for your study: the defense of your thesis. I will face the later next week. Facing any kind of exams might bring some tense to your daily life. Doubled with the coldness of the winter, one might say it is even worse. However, we need to survive this, don't we? So I will share how I (try to) manage to stay well during this period.

Eat well.
Do not skip your regular eating schedule. I won't say you should eat three times a day, no. Because everyone has their own schedule for eating, I think it is more appropriate to say that even in your busiest period please do not stray from your eating habit. Make time for eating, even when you are on a deadline. I believe you can manage to have at least one or two bites of snacks when you really don't have time for an appropriate lunch or dinner. Don't starve yourself.

Doesn't have to be well, because we know no one has a good sleep during exams period. But anyway, sleep. Even for only 2-3 hours. Because when you force your head to work, it won't work well when its lack of rest. Sleep for enough hours just to make sure that your brain can think clearly and your body got its regular off mode.

Drink up!
I actually the type of person that will sit in front of the laptop all day and forget (or lazy) to drink. I can stand the thirst, as long as it's not that bad. Especially in this cold weather, I rarely feel the need to take a sip of water. It's should be okay, right? 


As the brain works when you work with your laptop, even though you are not moving anywhere, your body will still need some water. Because I experienced a light waist cramp several times during my thesis period, I think it is time for me to pay attention to the water intake in my daily life. Thus, I bought a tumbler and put it beside my laptop everytime I work. I suggest anyone do the same, just to ensure you don't have a reason like "The water is too far". It is right in front of you now. Drink up. One or two gulps won't be hurt.

Stretch a little.
To suggest someone to do exercise during exams is probably considered a crime. Your brain already does the exercise, why does your body have to bear additional one? Actually, some exercise may help your brain to think clearly. However, considering the limited time and the coldness of winter (in my case), doing stretching maybe the best way to avoid any pain due to lack of move. I myself has a pain in my shoulder now as I write this post. It's come and go, depend on the tense in my day. To help to ease the pain, I regularly stretch my neck and take a rest doing nothing for a while. Doing this off-time for 5 minutes during intense work may open a better way for the oxygen to enter your brain - thus, let you think better afterward.

Hanging out with your friends.
A companion during a hard time is always a good idea (even for an introvert like me). Whether it is for lunch, dinner, or for study together; make time for your friends. An hour spent for a good laugh will brighten your mood after a hectic and drama day. When Rizky was about to go to Indonesia, I used to think that 'from now on I will exclude myself from the society to focus on my beloved thesis'. But I realized that I couldn't. I got good friends around, that say no to their invitation feels like a guilt. Yet, it is something that I'm grateful for.

Remember, your body is a gift that you should appreciate and you should take care of. Listen to every signal it gives you. Eat mindfully. Sleep. Drink regularly. Breathe in, breathe out. Don't forget to have a laugh for once in a while. May everyone finishes anything they are struggling with in the best kind of way. Goodluck!

Photo credit: Rosyad Muhammad

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