8 Days in Bali

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Februari 15, 2014

A month ago I had a vacation to Bali with I Made Wahyu Consultant Team. It was actually never been my plan to go to Bali or to having a vacation with people whom I barely knew (I have just joined IMWC Team for 2 months at that time). Yet this vacation might be one of my best vacation in my life. This vacation was an all day entertainment - and it's not because where we are, but because our-stupid-selves. I can say, each of our team member is "unique", an this uniqueness combination turns out to be something fun to be with. Anyway, this is Bali, as it seen through my eyes.

From top left to bottom right: Pandawa Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Kuta Beach
I went to four beaches in Bali and I must say, Pandawa Beach fascinates me. With its white sands, turqoise sea, and relatively-quiet ambience, I couldn't ask for more. I also spent a whole afternoon waiting for sunset at Dreamland Beach. Though its sands not as white as Pandawa, this beach is quiet nice to sit back and relax, doing nothing but listening to the sound of waves. Meanwhile, Padang-Padang Beach is quite small beach with a big coral reef everywhere. Yet it looks like a nice place to sunbathing and swimming, though it is pretty much crowded when I went there. As for Kuta Beach, well.... it is still a nice beach, despite of the unbearable trashes.

Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu
Beautiful place to watch Kecak Dance mix with Rama Shinta story. From the open-air-theatre we can see Uluwatu Temple, sea, and sunset while enjoying the performance. Though it was windy and rainy that day, I did enjoy my time here. 
Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu, IDR 100k, 18.00-19.00 WITA
Barong Dance at Batubulan
As you may know, balinese culture performance always beautiful - because they use unique attributes and they perform it so well - and it's not an exception for Barong Dance at Batubulan. Unfortunately, I must say the drama itself is actually not that interesting. I didn't get the joke and it's kinda difficult to understand the story if you don't read the plot. So I just try to enjoy the performance by taking pictures, and then I realized the sun in the back of the stage ruin most of the pictures. God I hate backlight.
Barong Dance at Batubulan, IDR 100k, 09.30-10.30 WITA

Besakih Temple
Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali that located in the slope of Mount Agung, Karangasem. Since tourists' car should be parked around 500 m from the temple, we have to take a long walk to reach the temple, climbing. Otherwise, you can take motorcycle ride or "ojek" for IDR 20k. Before starts climbing, at the entrance gate you will have to pay for tour guide service, whom will accompany you and telling you anything about hinduism and about the temple itself. The price for tour guide service is not a fix price, thus you can make a bid from the offered price. As an example, I was offered to pay IDR 200k and we successfully lower the price to IDR 75k. And don't forget to give tip to the guide.
Siwa Temple in Besakih
Bali Bird Park
For those who looking for an outdoor entertainment and are not afraid of animals, Bali Bird Park is a great place to visit. They categorize birds by its origin habitat and arrange the visitor's track in some way so we won't miss anything. They also have birdshow and 4D cinema here. What amazes me the most is that those birds are actually walking and flying around us, yet they won't fly away leaving this park. We can also take pictures with birds and get involved in birdshow as a volunteer. Highly recommended place to visit!
Bali Bird Park, IDR 82.500 (domestic), 09.00-17.30 WITA
Bali Zoo
As a zoo, this place actually not have too many variety of animals. They have animal performance which kinda similiar with the one at Bali Bird Park. They also have animal-feeding area in which we can feed rabbits, deer, and goats only by purchasing vegetables around IDR 20k. There are horse riding area and photobooth with animals too. But the main attraction promoted here is elephant riding. Though the zoo itself relatively small, but the elephant riding seems to be a long journey, so i assume they have a big area back there. I didn't take the ride since it's quite pricey, around IDR 300k.
Bali Zoo, IDR 82.500 (domestic), 09,00-21.00 WITA

Beach Walk
If you looking for a shopping mall around the beach, Bali Beach Walk could be your first option. This place is nice, an open air mall which filled with plants everywhere. They also have a small park in the middle of the mall, with beautiful and unique lamps around. Above it all, we can also see sunset from here - in case the beach is too crowded for you to enjoy the sunset.
Bali Beach Walk, Kuta

Dolphin at Lovina
"Why are you showing a photo of a boat instead of amaze us with a picture of beautiful dolphin?," you may ask. Well, because I didn't meet one. We were looking for a dolphin at Lovina Beach, Singaraja. That day the weather was not too good, due to a heavy rain the night before. For me, it is kind of a near-death-experience. The wave was so big and the boat was like a "pencil boat", as my friend said. It's like a banana boat, but made from woods. It's thrilling, yet fun. I bet it will be more interesting if we could see the dolphin, who somehow decided to not jump out of the water that day. Btw, if the weather is nice, you can also do snorkeling here, by adding IDR 60k.
Looking for a dolphin at dawn, IDR 60k

Kebun Raya Bali/Bali Botanic Garden
Here you can enjoy the fresh air while surrounded with lots of trees. You can also do the scene in bollywood movies: running around in the garden or playing hide and seek behind trees. A really big, beautiful, and well-maintained garden, I must say. Those who looking for a fresh-mountain-air after having too much beach-time, should visit this place.
Kebun Raya Bali
Individual: IDR 7k | Motorbike: IDR 3k | Car: IDR 6k | Bus: IDR 12k | Drive-around: +IDR 12k

Seafood family package (for 5 people) at Warung Mina, Renon (two grilled fish,  fish satay, prawn, rice)
IDR 200k. Rating: ****
Nasi Djinggo, can be found anywhere in Bali. IDR  3500. Rating: ****
Nasi Ayam Kedewatan, Renon. IDR 20,000. Rating: **** Note: Pedas banget!
Bebek betutu & piecing kangkung for 4-5 people at Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk, Kuta. IDR 100-130k. Rating: *****
Bebek bengil, Ubud. IDR 92k. Rating: **
Seafood Lovina, Singaraja: Grilled fish, fish soup, srombotan, rice. IDR 500k for 12 people. Rating: *****
Fish soup at Be Pasih, Renon. IDR 25,500. Rating: ***
Seafood ala Jimbaran at Warung Subak, North Denpasar. IDR ?. Rating: *****

Mr. Wahyu Family: Mrs.Niti, Sari, Naro, Kinari
Kak Ririn, Reta, Kak Nico, Kak Tyas, and me, in front of Mr.Wahyu house in Renon
I would like to thank Mr.Wahyu and his amazing family for taken us here and being such a great host while we stay. Also, thank you for IMWC Team for get through this vacation together in a good times and in a bad times (remember the torn pants? LOL). Hope to see you again on the next holiday!


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