A Day in Ubud

By Anissa Ratna Putri - Februari 14, 2016

Yesterday, I had a culinary experience at Ubud. This part of Bali somehow makes me curious, with organic/healthy and artsy things.

I started my day with a glass of juice at Juice Ja Cafe. Since I feel like I need more vitamin C, I ordered Immune Boost (IDR 20K). It is a mix of apple, orange, beet, and carrot. Actually, I kind of hesitant because I don't really like carrots and beets blended.. but I believe they won't serve something undrinkable, so I just go with it. Luckily it tastes nice, although there were some carrot/beet smells left. I was also curious to taste raw snacks, so I ordered a Protein Ball (15K). I did not take a note of what is the mixture of the ball, but it was delicious!

This place is a kind of place that I will choose for spending a time reading books or working on something on my laptop. It has a nice ambience, it offers wi-fi, and it's not that crowded. They also sell jams, coffee, and other organic/healthy thingies. Find this comfy place at Jl. Dewi Sita, Ubud.

After having my brunch, I walked to my next destination for lunch: Bali Buda. Since they are a client of my current internship place, my friend once suggests me to go there if I want to try anything healthy. I have always curious for a vegetarian burger. I once made a patty from tofu, and I really want to know how it is should be. Thus, I ordered Gourmet Burger (54K). They provide three choices of patty: beans, tofu, or beet. I chose tofu patty. Aaand here it is.

I love the salad because they put paprika instead of tomatoes (sorry, I don't really eat tomatoes..). The wedges are light but tasty enough, although I prefer more pepper on it. As for the burger, I didn't expect they will come up with a black charcoal bun! I love it. However, I kind of disappointed with the patty. I am not even sure if it is a patty. It is more like a 'tahu telor' (egg and tofu) inside a bun. It goes well with mayo-pesto sauce, but it does not necessarily taste like the real patty (I am expecting a tofu-patty that makes people not aware of the fact that the patty is not from meat).

Bali Buda restaurant itself is crowded with foreigners, but somehow I don't feel lost in space like when I was in one of the restaurants in Seminyak. I don't know, here in Ubud, even though foreigners dominating the restaurant, the atmosphere of the restaurant itself does not feel like 'high-class-foreigners-only'. It feels warm and comfortable. Unfortuntely in Bali Buda you cannot have your me-time reading book (at least not at lunch time), since people are waiting to be seated. To get a seat for lunch (or dinner), especially on weekends, I suggest you come early because apparently it is always full of people.

Other than the restaurant, Bali Buda also has a shop nearby. It sells bread, jams, coffee, gluten-free snacks, seeds, probiotic chicken.. basically any healthy things you might think of. If I am not full at that time, I would love to try some bread. I might go back here since the bread is really tempting. By the way, they will change their name to 'Bali Bunda' soon. Find their shops at Jl. Jembawan, Ubud or at other areas such as Sanur, Bukit, and Kerobokan.

Finished with my lunch, I am willing to have some coffee. I headed to Seniman Coffee, a coffee shop at Jl. Sriwedari, Ubud. I myself not really a coffee enthusiast. I drink mostly lattes, or cappuccinos, or anything combined with milk. I had never intentionally order a black coffee because I think it will be very bitter. But this time, I want to taste something different. So I asked the barista, what kind of black coffee he suggests for a 'beginner' like me? Then he said Sumatra medium roast (40K) is really delicious. So I let him making one for me.

And it is, delicious! It is unique because the coffee smell and taste are strong, but it is not bitter. It is kind of bitter-sweet taste, in such a way that I don't even need a sugar to drink it. I am glad to try this one! Oh, and since I sat in the coffee bar, the barista gave me a sample of Bali light roast coffee. It is really light, taste more like a tea, but again it is delicious. How come I never drink a real Indonesian coffee before?

As for the place, Seniman Coffee has outdoor and indoor area. Both are nice place whether to talk with friends or to have your me-time. That time I spent my me-time, and about to read my book, when a guy ask me what book it is, and then we started a conversation. He's an American, working on music, and had stayed in Bali for 2 months. He said he always move from one place to another, and he prefers not to come to the same place twice. But apparently Bali has caught his heart. This is the second time he comes to Bali, and he said he love it here. I cannot be more agree with him. Bali is one of the places in Indonesia that I think will suit me to live in.. other than Bandung. We had a good talk about our work and life, which is very strange for me who rarely want to talk to strangers. He somehow motivates me to 'make the most of it' every day. To do routines and to not break it. To think of what I really want to do for my country. To make me decide, that the next time I go to a coffee shop, I will seat in a coffee bar again.

My last stop is Gaya Gelato. I thought there is only one Gaya Gelato in Ubud, but I just found out that there are actually a few of them.. and yesterday I took a long walk to Sayan, only to have a cone of gelato. Oh well. I like to explore places anyway. On my way to Gaya Gelato, I:
1. was chased by a house-dog
2. saw a local barong parade
3. stopped by a batik shop to buy a postcard
4. saw a rice field (not intentionally looking for it, but in Ubud everyone is looking for a rice field, so.. I think I'll mention it)
Here are some pictures of my Ubud walk yesterday.

After 6 km, finally, this is it: Gaya Gelato! I ordered a small size cone (29K), a combination of Cannella (Cinnamon) and Vaniglia (Vanilla). Both tastes delicious, but this combination is for those who prefer a light taste. For a balance combination, I would recommend you a mix of Cannella with Panna Cotta, or Vaniglia with Cioccolato. Compared with Gusto Gelato, I think Gaya Gelato texture is lighter. However, I am not an expert in this gelato things. My Italian supervisor said Gaya Gelato is the best one in Bali, so maybe it is?

And my culinary experience is finished. I went back home with Gojek, the same way I went to Ubud earlier this afternoon. Luckily, the trip was with different routes. I love my way back home, with sloppy roads and rice fields (again).
Thank you, Ubud. I had a great time.


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